How It Works

Getting Started

Getting started is really easy! All you have to do is call or text and we can chat to see if Nervous System Testing is the best first step for you.

(805) 244-6769

Nervous System Testing 60 minute Head to Toe Evaluation of your Being!

Testing consists of:

    • Full history from birth
    • Check for Postural Adaptations
    • Functional Leg Length Analysis
    • Range of Motion
    • Infra-red (nervous system) scans to see if you are truly STUCK.
    • 3D Imaging of the upper neck

Findings & Recommendations

After the exam you will schedule to come back for your report. This will allow time for me to go over your exam and imaging findings to see if you are STUCK and if you’ve become a candidate for care.

During the report we’ll discuss:

    • My findings from your exam and imaging
    • If I believe upper cervical care will be beneficial in achieving your health goals
    • My recommendations for care including time and financial commitments

After that, it’s completely up to you!

My passion is serving people and reminding them that our bodies were created to last. It’s when we lose our ability to ADAPT that we start to experience problems in all areas of our health. Once I’ve laid out my recommendations, I leave it completely up to you to decide if you’d like to start care. There is no pressure from my end because I want to start our relationship from a place of trust. If you’d like to learn more about this unique and objective health care option, contact me!