Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Are you ready to heal your soft tissue injuries with this revolutionary new technology?

After my own knee injury in December 2021 that completely prevented me from exercising without pain I found this amazing technology that allowed me to feel the difference in just one session! In just a few weeks I noticed so much improvement I was able to start exercising again and knew that I had to have this in my office to help my patients get a full spectrum of care.

This amazing technology helps: 

Break Down Scar Tissue

Improve Blood Flow

Activate Production of Your Body’s Resident Stem Cells

Reduce Inflammation

If you have old injuries that are preventing you from doing all the things you love, don’t wait – fill out the form and we’ll chat.

SoftWave is not cleared for use for the following groups: patients under the age of 16 years, patients with a current infection or in cancer treatment, patients that are pregnant, patients using a cardiac pacemaker, or patients that have used cortisone in the treatment location within the last 30 days.  Please feel free to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific circumstances. 

For more information, you can also read our recent press release HERE.

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Dr. Nimira Alibhoy works with patients that have common health issues like neck/shoulder pain, back/arm/leg pain, whiplash injury, post-concussion, stenosis, bulging discs, neck fusions, migraines, vertigo, and tinnitus, just to name a few. Because of her mission to help people get back on the right track to better living, she offers free phone consultations.

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